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“Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks are masters in the art of relationship transformation.”
John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are From Mars…


Dear Friend & Seeker:

I want to tell you a secret that will change your life—forever!

You really can have a lasting, loving relationship, one that transforms your life and satisfies you in every cell of your being. I know you can because Kathlyn and I have spent the past 30 years thriving in that kind of relationship ourselves, and also because we’ve taught more than 20,000 people in our seminars how to create and nurture the same kind of loving relationship in their own lives. I’m talking about deep, genuine love that’s passionate and filled with conscious communication and creative contribution—the kind that keeps getting more joyful even as years go by.

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Like Nothing Else

I’m Gay Hendricks, and it’s my great privilege to offer you a learning-opportunity that is like nothing else you’ve ever seen. It produces a remarkable result that is hard to describe until you feel it. Here’s how one person describes it:

“For the first time in my life, I feel genuine love and a deep sense of unconditional acceptance in me. It’s as if something shifted in the cells of my body, affecting how attractive I am to others. Immediately men began responding to me in a whole new way. I stopped attracting unavailable guys and am now going out with a wonderful man. I cannot thank you enough!” Paula Woodbine, MSW

I also want you to know something personal: If I can do it, you can, too. You see, I’d almost given up on finding my soulmate. I was 34 years old and had been through the gamut of unsatisfying relationships. Some lasted 6 months, others a couple of years, but none of them had the kind of deep, soulful connection I yearned for. I was in a state of despair about whether I would ever find lasting love.

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Three Discoveries And Three Inner Shifts Change Everything

Then, I made three discoveries that changed my life—forever. Based on those discoveries, I made three inner shifts (the same discoveries and inner shifts you’ll learn in the course.) Within a month of making those inner shifts I met Kathlyn, and I’ve had more than 30 years now of waking up every day feeling like the luckiest person on earth. After a few years, people started asking us to teach what we know about attracting and keeping genuine love. This led to writing books such as Conscious Loving, to appearing on Oprah and other shows, and to teaching hundreds of seminars and classes around the world (and racking up a million frequent flyer miles along the way!) Now, we want to travel less, and thanks to the power of the Internet we now have a way to bring these powerful inner shifts to you wherever you are.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Are you tired of the bar scene, dating sites, blind dates and all the other ineffective (and sometimes dangerous) ways of meeting people? If so, please take a moment now to read this letter carefully. I want to show you a completely new way to meet your beloved and nurture a lasting loving relationship.

Deep down inside, many people don’t believe they deserve a lasting, genuine relationship. They go from one short-lived relationship to another, or they give up in despair and just stay home. After a while, the lack of genuine love begins to ache enough that they try again…only to get the same results. That makes the cycle of despair even worse.

If you recognize any of those experiences, you are not alone. Fortunately, there’s a way to break that pattern and take yourself and your love life into a new dimension. The Attracting Genuine Love Course works brilliantly well to do just that, but it needs one thing in order to start producing magic in your life: your willingness.

So, let me ask you for a sincere answer to these questions:

Are you willing to break the cycle of relationship dissatisfaction?

Are you willing to do something completely different to let an abundance of genuine love into your life?

I hope you say “Yes,” because unless you decide to make a change, nothing much is likely to change. But if you are sincerely willing, I have some very good news for you: The moment you make a conscious decision to change, you have done the hardest part. If you will take the step of willingness, you will find an incredible resource and a wealth of support here to greet you.

Attracting Genuine Love produces miracles of lasting love. It does it in through a method of experiential, whole-person learning that re-creates the powerful activities in our ‘live’ seminars, the ones that people pay $595-$3,000 to take. Through years of research and a quarter-million dollars of technological experimentation, we found a way to get the same kind of results as we get in our in-person seminars.

Plus, after you take Attracting Genuine Love you get a huge amount of support. For example, you can join us onthe phone every month to get your questions answered and receive new insights to guide you.


Now Available In Video Or eCourse Format!

The Attracting Genuine Love eCourse is now available in an all-video format.

The new video program has all the concepts and techniques of the eCourse, but it's presented entirely on video by Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks. For those who love visual learning, Kathlyn takes takes you through the deep wisdom and life-changing activities of the original eCourse but with additional video activities. Each of the 21 sessions is packed with clear explanations and gentle experiential activities such as guided visualizations.

With the eCourse format, you work through the activities on a sequence of web pages containing audio, video and text. With the Video format, your video comes directly to your computer within minutes of ordering it. You can work with it on your computer screen, put it on your iPod or transfer it to a DVD.

Take a moment now to watch a clip from one of the 21 sessions.


Listen to what our friends, colleagues and graduates are saying:

"The inner intelligence of the body is the ultimate and supreme genius. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks show us how to connect with this inner intelligence and discover the secrets to healing, love, intuition and insight.
— Deepak Chopra, M.D., best-selling author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and Quantum Healing

"Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks offer us a rich array of experiential exercises which can teach us how to love intimately."
— John Bradshaw, author of Creating Love and Family Secrets

"Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks are insightful guides... I happily recommend them to everyone."
— Gary Zukav

" Gay and Katie Hendricks are the real deal — a delightful, inexhaustible well of fresh, sparkling, life-changing insight and advice. Their ideas are visionary, their programs practical, their integrity impeccable, and their dedication to walking their own talk is both extraordinary and inspiring.

As an editor, I rely on the Hendricks as expert sources for all kinds of life know-how, from relationships and professional development to mind-body wisdom. As an individual, I consider them my personal role-models for healthy, happy, conscious living and loving. If you're committed to the journey of living your own best, most vibrant life, you simply could not ask for better or more compassionate guides.
— Pilar Gerasimo, Editor in Chief, Experience Life Magazine

"Thank you so much for this amazing experience. Attracting Genuine Love has given me a much clearer sense of who I am and the kind of person I'm looking for. For the first time in years, I feel a sense of HOPE when it comes to relationships"
— R.T., Chicago

"I have already done your wonderful eCourse (2006) and I know that it is one of the main reasons why now - a year and a half on - I have a wonderful partner in my life & we are engaged to be married next year and are about to move in together. I have attracted genuine love (yeah!) & it feels marvelous! This is the best relationship of my life (I'm 44) and I know if can get better over time. Your work & living example has taught me so much about relationships. I have found your wisdom and practical advice to be invaluable to me.
My deepest thanks to you both.
— J.W., Sydney, Australia

"Before purchasing Attracting Genuine Love, I had gone through a divorce, and had two significant relationships in two years that ended the same lonely place. I couldn’t understand why true love was for other people and not for me. Taking the course for me was like turning on the lights in a dark room. The course taught me what genuine love really is, and what it takes to find and keep it. I am now in a wonderful relationship that is better than I ever could have imagined! Thank you, Gay & Katie!"
— P.M., Philadelphia

"I was shocked and delighted to discover how well Attracting Genuine Love actually works! Best of all, I met an amazing, inspiring woman within days of completing the course! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart."
— M.R., Los Angeles

"I'm whirling and spinning, rocking and rolling, on my THIRD time around the Attracting Genuine Love course. It gets quantumly better/deeper each time around!"
— S.R., Canada

"HI Candy thank you so much for solving the problem of why I had not been able to access this program; I had been using the members login previously - maybe I wasnt meant to access it at that time; a lesson in practising patience maybe!!! I've very much enjoyed doing the course; I've especially enjoyed the humor that has been used; also, I've been deeply grateful for the honesty Gay has used sharing so frankly of his own past experiences. It has helped me be more honest with my own feelings & emotions. With kind regards & best wishes "
— Naomi G.

If You Are Ready And Willing, We’re Here For You.
I encourage you to take the step now of changing forever the way you attract real, nurturing love into your life. Join the thousands of people who have made the inner shifts that draw lasting love to themselves. If you are tired of books, tapes and dating sites that promise the world but don’t deliver, you may be ready for a completely new approach, one that has been proven in the real world. Everything in Attracting Genuine Love has been carefully tested and proven with thousands of people like you.

Now’s The Time To Make The Change.
If you would like to start, now is the perfect time. We have launched a new, expanded version of Attracting Genuine Love, which includes several major features never-before offered, and has been met with enormous enthusiasm from the hundreds of new customers we've shared this program with over the past 3 months alone.

Here’s what you get:

Full access to the 21-session multi-sensory online course

It goes far beyond words or even pictures into a completely new kind of learning. It’s transformation you can feel in your whole body, like learning to ride a bike or learning to swim. Once you “get it” in your body, you have it for life. The course is built around unique multi-sensory, multi-media interactive learning tools that make it easy to make the deepest shifts and changes.

New Features And Bonus Extras

The all-new Attracting Genuine Love comes with remarkable new resources for you:

  • The Attracting Genuine Love Journal, a printable workbook that goes deeply into the course’s principles

  • A Special Report, LOVE AND ENLIGHTENMENT, which explains why most people don't find lasting love and how YOU CAN!

  • A document you’ll turn to often, The Most Frequently-Asked Questions About Love And Relationships,
    and much more.

What You’ll Discover

In Attracting Genuine Love you’ll discover things about yourself and about love that you’ve never seen before. You’ll discover the one thing that blocks you from attracting genuine love into your life; you’ll experience the three inner shifts that change your entire approach to relationships; you’ll feel the power of the “Three Absolute Yes’s And No’s” to stop attracting the wrong kind of person and “beam in” the right kind of person for you; you’ll also get a big array of extra features and resources that make the journey easy and fun.

No Risk Guarantee

We’re happy to offer you our personal guarantee that you’ll get enormous value out of the course. If for some reason you don’t resonate with it, you’ll get a full refund just for asking. In fact, it’s even better than risk-free. You can have all your money back and keep the extras and bonuses you’ve received. Kathlyn and I have been blessed in creating plenty of financial abundance in our lives. Because of book royalties, investments and such, we haven’t had to worry about money for many years. If you love the course, we’re happy. If you don’t, we’re happy to give your money back. The last thing we want is to keep somebody’s money who isn’t delighted with what he or she got.

You get the distilled essence of our work, tested and proven on tens of thousands of people over three decades. And it's available to you at any time you want for as long as you want, plus a number of bonuses, for the low price of $97.

Your Invitation

I believe in my heart that it’s your birthright to enjoy lasting love. That’s what I want for you. That’s what Kathlyn and I have dedicated our lives to helping people create. We want to support you in creating lasting love in your life. If you’re ready to make a big, positive change in your love life, click below and begin the exhilarating journey to relationship happiness.

With respect and love,
Gay Hendricks



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